John Lacey

John has been painting professionally since 2004. It was at this time he changed medium to oil, this was after painting impressionistic landscapes in watercolour and acrylic for the previous 20 years. The change to oil has seen him win numerous art prizes including the coveted Corporate Prize at the Victor Harbor Rotary Exhibition 2007.

Born in South Australia in 1947 John’s experience began in his school years and would have loved to have attended art school but was told that he should get a real job. Although disappointed he found he enjoyed working as a Motor Body Design draftsman until his art interests were rekindled in the early eighties by a number of South Australia water colourists. It was the softness of colour, light and atmosphere they created that captured his imagination. This lead to him improving his drawing skills and then painting in watercolour. He exhibited with early success in sales and winning minor art prizes.

At this time he found art a great release from the mundane tightness of day-to-day drafting activity. So much so that in eighty four he changed profession to Graphic Design, which involved more study and a lot more creativity. Although not having any formal painting tuition he was able to study colour theory and illustration within the Graphic Design course, both of which have helped his painting.

During the mid-nineties, having lost some of his enthusiasm for watercolour, he began trying different mediums. This led to painting colourful landscapes in acrylic which were readily accepted by the public and caught the judges’ eye on several occasions.

John enjoys painting outdoors and usually uses these plein air studies for larger studio work. He also hones his drawing skills by attending life drawing on a weekly basis and is available for workshops and demonstrations around Australia and overseas.