John’s studio is approximately 50 square metres and has been custom built with teaching in mind, as over the years he has had numerous requests for tuition from budding artists. It has been designed with even southern light, and is great to paint in.

As John loves to paint he restricts the amount of time he teaches so that he has ample time for himself whilst still being able to impart his professional painting knowledge to those who participate in classes and workshops.

On visiting the painting section of this site you will notice that John paints in a couple of different styles. Teaching at this stage is restricted to the traditional style as the contemporary paintings are something that come from what he sees and becomes familiar with. These scenes are then designed and creatively interpreted into contemporary forms of shape, tone and colour that represents the landscape, a process that comes from within the artist and forms his unique style.

Although this is the case there is an enormous amount of information about the traditional skills to impart to students who want to learn the art of painting in oil or acrylic, both of which he has had many years of experience with.