Workshops are at times held on specific subjects such as tone, colour mixing, warm and cool shadows, technique, using a palette knife etc. At times they will be held on how to paint specific subjects or items and will include technique and problem solving. Because numbers are limited to a maximum of ten students of varying degrees of experience, individual tuition is given to help all attending to get the most out of these sessions.

John's aim is to impart knowledge and technique to all participants in an enjoyable friendly atmosphere, which includes refreshments and gourmet lunch within the cost (those with special dietary needs or circumstances can opt out of lunch if they wish).

If you are interested, register online and we’ll keep you up-to-date with details, costs, subjects and times of upcoming sessions.

Painting Classes

These are currently being held 4 times a year in 6 week blocks, consisting of morning or afternoon sessions of 3 hours each, or a full day of 6 hours at a slightly reduced cost.

With these classes, participants are encouraged to provide their own subject matter and will be given individual tuition regarding composition, problem solving and technique. Instruction will also be in the form of painting demonstration, or specific parts of a painting, to illustrate how John would approach or solve a problem. This proves fruitful for all participants as they then get to follow the instruction instead of relying on the tutors marks on their painting, to solve their problem.

Because of the nature of these friendly and informative classes all participants enjoy the many tips and advice given not only on their work, but on the variety of subjects and problems that crop up in the group during the sessions.

If interested in joining these informative lessons please register online for all details.

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